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About this workspace

This workspace serves as virtual archive for the work of the Dgroups Foundation. It consists of several pages and folders that can be accessed by Dgroups Board members, Dgroups Partners or the general public, according to the level of privacy and confidentiality of the information contained.


Working and draft documents produced by the Dgroups Board are available on the shared folder on Google Drive. Once finalized, these documents are uploaded onto this workspace for archive and reference.


Here below we list some quick links to the main pages and folders that can be accessed by different users, together with links to all accessible pages. A newsfeed including latest posts from the Dgroups blog is also displayed further down on the page.


Quick links:

Dgroups Board


See all pages accessible only to Dgroups Board  

Dgroups Members


See all pages accessible to Dgroups Members 

Public pages and files


See all public pages and files

Latest Dgroups news

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